July 31st, 2008

(no subject)

okay. another question. how exactly do utilities work? mind the dumbness. how do i pick a utility company, what kinda of deals should i look for, how do you start your utilities (like do i just call them and say, hey im moving in tomorrow, flip the switch)

my situation is that the landlord pays for water, garbage, cable (not including internet), sewage, and a burglary alarm?.. i didnt even know there was a seperate sewage bill. so... what does that leave me with? electricity. and hot water. is hot water part of electricity? or gas.. or does it depend? i wonder if we have gas or electric stoves... i for got. i guess ill have to check on that.

but okay. electricity and gas. is what i need right? and internet is just adding onto the cable deal right? and so, electricity and gas will come from different utilitiy companies right? or no.

you can see im pretty clueless so jsut give me an abridged utilities for dummies please