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A word from one of your lovely mods!

First of all, welcome, welcome. We are excited that this community is taking off and pretty soon we will have fun things like THEMES coming your way.

Secondly, I have a confession. I don`t even have a dwelling at the moment. And when I get one, it will not have been my first. It will have been my...fourth apartment and seventh living arrangement since I was seventeen. Hence the username.

But really, the purpose of this post is to plead with you:


Yes, yes, I know, we all think, "But nothing ever happens to me." Well, guess what, WHEN IT DOES, you`ll be kicking yourself in the ass. Even if you`re a po´folk like me, and think, "Hey, I barely have anything of value..."
Trust me, pay the small amount of money for the renters insurance.

ALSO: Remember, most of the time, renters insurance doesn`t cover laptops (for example, a sweet, shiny, white ibook that you saved up forever to purchase)- so ask your insurance agent about laptop insurance as well.
Ithaca: that is a fountain gone WRONG!

Cross-country first dwelling...

Howdy everyone. :) I am Chrissy and I am from Arizona. I'll soon be moving to New York, and my question today has to do with that!

Has anyone here ever moved from one side of the country to the other? How did that work out for you? Was it easier or harder than you expected.

I still can't figure out if it would be easier/cheaper to:

a) Buy a car here, load it and a U-Haul (the kind that can hitch to a vehicle, not a big ol' truck) with my things, and drive across the country.

b) Use one of those PODS services that ships your stuff for you and fly out, and worry about a vehicle when I get to New York.


C) Forget all my stuff that can't fit in suitcases, fly out, and worry about furnishing my new apartment and a new vehicle when I get there.

Note: I am moving to Upstate(ish) New York, not NYC.

Options A and B are going to be expensive. Option C seems to be the cheapest, but... *whimper* my stuff. You know? My stuff! I have so much stuff! And, well, you know how you can get attached to things. I'm attached to a lot of this stuff (and not in a pack-rat kind of way... it's stuff I do use/like that isn't packed away in boxes in my closet).

I guess money isn't TOO MUCH of a deal breaker, as I could always stay here longer and save... but that means more time here, away from my fiance. I'm looking for a better job out here, but haven't found anything so far. Trying to work on my current budget to do all of this. But the possibility of getting a better job and saving more money in a shorter amount of time is definitely a possibility.

Anyway, which option would you choose if you were faced with a decision to move far, far away?

Oh! And has anyone here ever moved from one climate to another? How did you deal with that? I live where it doesn't snow. Ever. EVER! And it's hot and not very humid. We don't get much rain. Deserts are silly! Soon I will live in a land of rain and snow and cold and humidity andandandOH MY! *deep breath* The though just makes my head all swirly! I mean, I get cold when it's 65-70°F out... people in other states are stripping off their clothes and playing in the sprinklers when their weather hits those temps.

Does it take a long time to adapt?

Thanks for any help in advance.

New Members. Welcome.

I signed in today to see that we have a number of new members!  Welcome to everyone, and thank you for joining our little community here.

I would like to know more about all of you guys, so if you could reply with some sort of introduction to yourselves, that would be marvelous!

Thank you.

-Your friendly mods

P.S. I noticed in a previous post that there was a bit of a spat between members.  I would like to remind you all that this is intended to be a place where we help each other out constructively.  Trading insults back and forth is counter-productive.  Please watch that.

Useful Links for the First Time Dweller

Here are some very useful internet resources for finding housing, furniture, realtors, you name it.

Apartment resources:

101 Apartments
Apartment Source (Pittsburgh) - This is definitely not as a good as the Rental Guide, but it works
Apartment Guide
For Rent
Garden State Apartments
Rental Guide (Pittsburgh)
The Renter's Guide
Rent Net

Realty Companies:

M. J. Kelly - I have personally used them, and I can vouch for their wonderfulness
Pittsburgh Buyer Agent
Pittsburgh Moves
Pittsburgh Real Estate

Insurance Companies and Resources:

Renter's Insurance 101
Additional Info on Renter's Insurance
State Farm


Matching Roommates (Boston)
Roommates (Canada)
Roomie Match
Roommate Nation
Roommates USA

Furniture/Thrifty Shopping:

Bed Bath And Beyond
Big Lots
Craigslist - This is for EVERYTHING, quite literally.
Pittsburgh Oodle - I just happened onto this site today, I'll have to check it out more thoroughly.
Salvation Army
Sam's Club
Target - This is my favorite store evereverevereverever EVER!
Wal-Mart - I personally hate/despise/loathe this store, but I can't deny that they have low prices on household stuff